The Best Valentine Gift Ideas for Men

Find the best Valentine gift ideas for men in my latest gift guide. There are perfect gifts for luxury lovers, comfort lovers, adventure lovers and more. Find a great gift for a special guy in your life this Valentine’s day!

The best Valentine’s day gifts are often the ones that you use in your daily life for extra comfort or items that you wouldn’t necessarily splurge on for yourself. In this round up of valentine gift ideas for men, you’ll find lots of unique gift ideas from brands that I love and share about regularly. A special thanks to Cozy Earth for sponsoring this Valentine’s day gift guide.

When you are choosing the best Valentine’s gift for your man, think about what he likes and would most enjoy. For some, it’s a thoughtful gift. For others, it’s a cozy sweater that will keep them warm as they work from home. There are lots of unique gift ideas for Valentine’s day below to make sure that you find the perfect way to say I love you this Valentine’s day.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best Valentine’s gift ideas for men!

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #1: Cozy Earth Modal Loungewear Set

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I LOVE Cozy Earth. My house is filled with Cozy Earth items that I use daily, from pajamas, to sheets, to towels. The Cozy Earth loungewear set for men has just been released in a new modal fabric that is incredibly soft and comfy.

This is the perfect gift for Valentine’s day as the practical pieces are of high quality and will last for years to come. Both my boyfriend and I have been wearing Cozy Earth loungewear for over 2 years and our sets are still in perfect condition.

Cozy Earth modal loungewear is a great gift that comes with 40% off if you use code LORNA40 and click through my links.

The Cozy Earth Modal collection for men comes in a hoodie, pullover sweater and joggers. The fabric is made from 70% modal, 25% polyester and 5% spandex. As with all Cozy Earth loungewear, they are incredibly comfortable, durable and last.

Shop Cozy Earth using discount code LORNA40 for 40% off.

To read more on Cozy Earth menswear, read my full review here.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #2: Cozy Earth T-shirt

Cozy Earth also has the best t-shirts for men! They are incredibly soft and durable. They also fit incredibly well. I always try to buy my boyfriend gifts that he may not find himself from top quality brands. I also go for quality over quantity when it comes to Valentine day gifts. I gifted my boyfriend these t-shirts before and he still wears them all the time. Once someone starts using Cozy Earth products, there is no going back. Cozy Earth menswear make the best valentine's gifts as they are so useful for everyday.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #3: Sauvage by Dior fragrance

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Another perfect gift for Valentine’s day is this fragrance. Sauvage by Dior is the best selling men’s fragrance in the world - EVER! It smells incredible and is a great gift for any man in your life. Whether he wears it for special moments or everyday, this men’s fragrance is bound to be one of the best valentine's day gifts! The best part is that it lasts ages, so he will have it to use throughout the remainder of the year.

Dior Sauvage is a woody and earthy scent. The key notes are bergamot, pepper and amberwood. It’s an extremely luxurious fragrance that your man will love this Valentine’s day.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #4: YSL Y Fragrance set

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I’ve always thought of Valentine’s day gifts for men as more of a token rather than a lavish gift. Another great Valentine’s gift idea for men is a fragrance gift set. If your valentine is the type of guy who loves fragrances, then the YSL Y fragrance is another best selling fragrance for men. This will be a Valentine's gift that will last throughout the year (and most likely into next year!)

With this Valentine’s gift, he’ll also get 2 travel sized fragrances to bring with him daily or on his travels.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #5: Cozy Earth Men's Bamboo Ultra-Soft Quilted Snap Pullover

The Cozy Earth pullover is one of my boyfriend’s favorite pieces of clothes. This would be a quality, thoughtful gift if your Valentine likes comfy but sophisticated clothing. Spring is the perfect time to start wearing this as it is a really warm pullover.

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This Cozy Earth pullover is made from super soft bamboo viscose that is thick, but never bulky. Cozy, but always breathable. It has a relaxed fit, diamond quilted pattern, and discreet side pockets. A stand-up collar and front placket keep the chill out. The bottom band and hidden front snap closure add a clean aesthetic. This is the perfect way to add a piece that will last to your Valentine’s wardrobe.

As always, use my Cozy Earth discount code LORNA40 to get 40% off your Cozy Earth products.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #6: Masterclass subscription

If you are a couple that have run out of shows to watch on Netflix, Masterclass is a great option for a cozy date night in. Masterclass is a subscription based learning platform where you gain new skills in 10 minutes. There is something for everyone whether it is about business, travel, style, cooking, leadership, arts, entertainment, music, sports or tech. You’ll get unlimited access to 180+ classes delivered in bite-sized lessons. It’s like watching a really interesting documentary or class online from the comfort of your couch. Masterclass starts at $15 per month (billed annually).

There are so many that you could watch together, which makes it the perfect gift for you to enjoy year long.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #7: Kiehls Detox & Hydrate Value Bundle

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Skincare is always a good idea! The best way to make sure your man is taking care of his skin - buy it for him. I started buying my brother Kiehls and now it is his go-to skincare brand. The Kiehl's gift sets are the best gifts for those who don’t already have a skin care routine or are looking for high quality products that work. This gift set would be perfect for a first valentine’s day in a new relationship.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #8: Cozy Earth The Plush Lounge Sock

As you can see, Cozy Earth products are the perfect gift for him this Valentine’s day. These make a great gift especially if your Valentine works from home. These socks can be worn by women or men and are incredibly soft and plush.

The Cozy Earth Plush Lounge Socks three-pack offers a variety of solid neutrals with a textural ribbed design. These everyday socks are perfect all year round. You can read my full review here.

As always, use my Cozy Earth discount code LORNA40 to get 40% off your Cozy Earth products.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #9: Kitchen on Fire class

A way to a man's heart is usually through his stomach! Something my mum always said that is very true with my boyfriend. Another one of the best valentine's gifts for men is something that you can do together on Valentine’s week or over the coming months.

A virtual cooking class is a great valentine’s day gift idea for someone who loves food and cooking. We did both an in person and a virtual class with Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley, California. Since 2020, they pivoted and offer a lot of great virtual classes and gift cards so people from all around the world can join their talented chefs whipping up a storm.

They have so many classes, which range from Italian dinners, to the perfect bread to french desserts. Take a look at their most up to date class schedule here. Get 10% off all classes with code lornaryan2022.

To read more about my experiences with both the Kitchen on fire in person classes and Kitchen on fire virtual classes, read my full blog post here.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #10: Calpak Luggage

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Calpak luggage is a perfect valentine's day gift for men. They are always quality pieces that last for years and multiple trips. I found the brand through my boyfriend who loves Calpak. There are so many options for Valentine’s day gifts on Calpak’s website. I love this carry on luggage but the checked luggage and duffel bags are also quality investment gifts for your Valentine. A treat from Calpak is one of the best valentine's day gift ideas for men if your man loves to travel and go on adventures.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #11: Cozy Earth Robe

If your boyfriend, husband or partner likes lounging around, the Cozy Earth robe is one of the most comfortable things he will ever wear! It is incredibly soft (like all Cozy Earth clothes) and lasts. There is no pilling with Cozy Earth products and they are really easy to take care of. The Cozy Earth robe comes in white, light gray and charcoal.

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Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #12: Chatbooks memory photo book

Another great Valentine gift idea for men is remembering a special moment or moments. Photo books make some of the best valentine's day gifts. The best part is that you will get to enjoy the photobook too.

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These photo books take some time to make but a special guy deserves a little extra effort. I have made so many of these books over the years to remember all the good times. They are unique gifts that are so memorable. This is the perfect valentine’s day gift to recap your first year of dating, a newborn, marriage, a year of adventures or recapping on the little moments.

I’ve used Chatbooks before and loved their quality and how simple the process was. They also have a cool service where you can create monthly books to remind you of the joys of each month (big or small!).

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #13: Etsy Modern Map Art

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I love supporting small businesses when I can. This is a very thoughtful gift that adds a personal touch. You can put a special place on the map, whether that is where you first met, where you got married, where you got engaged, where you had your first kiss, where your home is etc. It is a unique gift that is a fun way to share your love story or one of your favorite memories.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #14: Minted The Big Picture Custom Puzzle

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Minted is always an amazing brand for special moments. Puzzles came back into fashion after 2020. One of the best valentine's day gifts is of course something that you can do together. Minted have picture puzzles that you can create as a unique valentine’s day gift. After you have made the puzzle, you can have it framed or keep making it again and again.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #15: Cozy Earth Plush Blanket

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Another great valentine's gift idea for men is something that will add a little decorative touch that you can add throughout the house. Cozy Earth has a wide range of blankets that you can choose from. You guessed it, they are all incredibly soft and amazing quality. I have their sheets, duvet, duvet cover and pillowcases and there is no going back after using Cozy Earth products.

Use my Cozy Earth discount code LORNA40 to find the perfect valentine's day gift for your Valentine.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #16: David’s tea sampler

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If your Valentine loves coffee, help him to make the switch to tea with a gift from David’s Tea, I am obsessed with David’s Tea. They have the most interesting and innovative flavors. I found the brand when I went to Canada years ago and since then love ordering online and stocking up when I see a store in Canada.

They have thoughtful gifts that are the perfect way to try out new tea types. It’s a perfect time to buy as they have a great sale on at the moment. It’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Let me know what your favorite tea ends up being! I love Mother’s little helper, some of the seasonal teas and Serenity Now.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #17: Burke Williams Spa voucher

Who doesn’t love a good spa day! Even if your Valentine isn’t the type of guy to run to the spa, I highly recommend booking him in or getting a gift voucher for the spa. It’s a great Valentine’s day gift that allows the two of you to spend some time together relaxing.Your next date night is looking up!

If you live near a Burke Williams spa, then I highly recommend you treat yourself to one of the many treatments there. They are very luxurious and I always have the best experiences at their spas. They also have special packages for Valentine’s day that sound amazing. I’ve visited the spa over the years on multiple occasions and have loved the massages and facials. Read about my B12 massage here and about the spa in general here.

See the Valentine specials at Burke Williams spa here. The price ranges depending on the services and locations.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #18: Classpass membership

Classpass is one of my favorite memberships in the world! I have been a member since 2018. Classpass allows you to try different classes e.g. yoga, pilates, workouts in your area at usually discounted prices compared to booking directly with the studio/gym.

You can also book massages, nails, waxing and more on the app. How much you pay depends on how many “credits” or classes that you want to book per month. You can roll a set amount of credits over each month so if you don’t get to use them one month, you can use them the following month.

Using classpass allows you to go to multiple studios throughout the month rather than having to stick to one and pay a monthly fee at one gym/studio. You can sign your Valentine up for a month free with my referral link. A free extra to gift yourself of your Valentine this year.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #19: Ted Baker stylish wallet

Who doesn’t love a good wallet to keep all your credit cards safe. There are many beautiful wallets out there, but I love this Ted Baker wallet. It is very luxurious and will last.

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This is a perfect first valentine’s day gift for a new relationship.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for men #20: Coravin wine preservation system

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Buying a Coravin for your Valentine is another high quality, practical piece that makes a great valentine's day gift. If you are buying a Valentine’s day gift for a wine lover, then Coravin offers lots of gadgets and accessories so you enjoy drinking a good bottle of wine even more. There are so many different options with Coravin. The one that I want to highlight is Coravin Pivot+ which allows you to preserve an opened bottle of wine for up to 4 weeks! My problem at home is that I just want one glass of wine, but the whole bottle needs to be drunk within a few days normally. Enter Coravin!

The Pivot™+ Wine Preservation System combines preservation with aeration, delivering a more aromatic and flavorful wine as you pour with the included Pivot Aerator attachment. The remaining wine is then preserved for up to 4 weeks, ensuring a fresh-tasting glass when you are ready for it.

Hope you enjoyed this list of gift ideas as your valentine's day gift guide. Of course, a sweet card is always an added bonus. There are so many different ways to spoil your man this Valentine’s day.

With this Valentine gift idea guide for men, you’ll find the best option and the right gift for your special guy. There are lots of useful items and lots of options where you get to spend quality time with your best friend! Feel free to mix and match with a couple of these items (depending on your budget). Enjoy this Valentine’s day. As always, feel free to email if you have any specific questions.

Thank you to Cozy Earth for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own. Throughout my blog, I use affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of my links or discount codes, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog.

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