Havenly Review 2023 - is Havenly design service worth it?

In this Havenly review, I’ll go through each step of the Havenly online interior design service and give you all the information you need to decide if Havenly is worth it. I also have a Havenly promo code that gives you $50 off all full packages. This is the best Havenly discount code out there!

Havenly Online Interior Design Service

Havenly online interior design service is a unique interior design service that comes in two offerings: the Havenly full package or the Havenly mini package (I’ll go into each one below). In essence, Havenly offers a fun style quiz, matches you with a professional interior designer who will impress you with lots of options for your special room.

I began researching online interior design services as I wanted to do up my living space. There are so many furniture stores and so many options that I was finding it hard to decide on a layout and furniture pieces. Enter Havenly Online Interior Design services. From the comfort of your own home, you can work with a professional designer who will come up with lots of options for your rooms.

After lots of research, I found that Havenly was highly ranked amongst other competing online design services. I was blown away by the service and expertise of my designer. She was so sweet, gave me so many options and was so speedy getting back to me! What my Havenly designer created was worlds apart from what I would have ever been able to create on my own. In this Havenly review, I am going to share the process of using Havenly and how I found the experience. I do want to share my Havenly coupon code with you before I go any further.

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My Review of Havenly

I looked up lots of Havenly furniture reviews before committing to the service. I found out a lot of cool things about Havenly during the online interior design process, which I’ll share with you below.

Is Havenly worth it?

Firstly, you may be asking is Havenly worth it? After my experience with Havenly, I can share that Havenly is worth it. It’s amazing to have a professional designer work on your unique space, taking into consideration any windows, doors, light, preferences, your style, budget and more! Everything that I shared during the design process was used in picking out the style and furniture for my living room.

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Havenly Full Package v Mini Package

Havenly has two packages that you can choose from: the Havenly full package and the Havenly mini package. When comparing the Havenly full package v the mini package, the main difference is the 3D renderings of your designed space, so you don't have to imagine and a custom floor plan to take the guesswork out of layouts. The full package is a little more expensive because you get a floor plan and the 3D renderings. I’ve included screenshots of my custom floor plan and 3D renderings below in Step 4 so you can see exactly what I mean. These really helped visualize my living room before I bought anything.

The Havenly Mini package comes with everything else that is listed in this Havenly review. If the mini package is what you can afford, then this is also an amazing and worth while service. You have the same professional designers you can work with, multiple iterations and 1:1 time with your designer. This is a Havenly Full Package review and a Havenly mini review as the only thing that is different is the images in Step 4 that I have added below.

When I was choosing between the Full package v mini package, I chose the full package as I wanted the 3D images and custom floor plan to visualize. With my Havenly discount code, you can get 25% off either the Havenly Mini package or the Havenly full package.

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Havenly Review - How Havenly Works

There are four major stages to using the Havenly interior design service. Each stage is so easy and takes minimal of your time.

Havenly Reviews - Step 1 - Style Quiz

Lots of Havenly interior design reviews don’t have the exact process detailed, so I wanted to go into lots of detail so you know exactly what you are going to get.

The first part of the Havenly design process is to complete the style quiz. This is LOTS of fun! Havenly has a very user intuitive style quiz where you almost make a pinterest board to show your Havenly designer your mood board, design style and color palettes you have in mind. There are beautiful styled rooms for you to choose from and so many furniture styles. You can select the room you want to design e.g. master bedroom, living room so you see design styles for that particular room.

You can also tell your designer what pieces you want e.g. sofa v sectional, a coffee table, media console, lamp etc. You can also tell your designer that you want to keep your existing bed frame or dining chairs. They will find similar ones online and work these into your images so you can see it all come together. You also can upload a few quick pictures of your space here.

After completing the Havenly style quiz, you can pick your Havenly Designer. Havenly will suggest a top designer for you and give you a couple of extra designer suggestions too. What is so cool is you can see previous designs that each Havenly designer completed so you can see their styles.

The Havenly platform will also show you how many business days that it will take for your designer to start, along with how many designs they have completed. The Havenly designer will be able to see your mood board and you can chat via the platform, chat on a phone call or via text. In both the Havenly full design package and the mini design package, this step is identical.

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Havenly Reviews - Step 2 - Layout Visualizations

In Step 2 of the Havenly design process, your Havenly designer will get to work on creating 3 different layout visualizations based on the mood board and design style that you picked out in Step 1. As you can see in the images below, my Havenly designer provided me with three idea boards. I was able to rank them and write quick comments to say what I liked and didn’t like.

My Havenly designer also picked out some furniture pieces that I could rate and comment on e.g. too expensive, love the color etc. This helped my designer with the next step. You have the option to schedule a call with your designer but I was happy to leave my comment, rate items and have my Havenly professional do her magic!

It took a few business days to get my layout visualizations as when I picked my designer, it noted she had lots of designs to work on at the moment. There were some designers who were available in a shorter timeframe e.g 1 day but I wanted to wait for this designer as I loved her previous styles. I also wasn’t in any major rush so a few extra business days was no issue for me.

In both the Havenly full design package and the mini design package, this step is identical.

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Havenly Reviews - Step 3 - Final Concept

In this next step, my designer was able to use my favorite design style and comments to tweak into a final concept. I LOVED the final concept and it was amazing how well my designer took my budget, style and comments into consideration.

In this final concept, my ideas really came to life beyond my imagination. I asked my designer if she could do two mock ups, one with a Persian rug and one with another rug as we weren’t 100% sure which style we wanted to go with.

The layout visualization really helped me see the room come to life. I also had a list of exact products I could shop from. I gave some feedback on the light fixture so in the next stage this was changed. One piece also had gone out of stock so my Havenly designer seamlessly switched this out also.

This all happened within a few business days and took minutes from my day to review. It was a pain free process and so exciting! In both the Havenly full design package and the mini design package, this step is identical.

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Havenly Reviews - Step 4 - Finalize Layout

This is the very final step in the Havenly online design process. Any and all feedback from Step 3 above is incorporated into your layout visualizations. The main difference between the Havenly full v mini package comes in here. At this step, if you chose the Havenly full package, then you get your finalized layout in 3D renderings to match your exact space. You also get a floor plan as pictured below. If you went for the Havenly mini package, your final version will look like the image above.

Either way, you will have had a chance to give your havenly designer lots of feedback so you will be so happy with your end result. As you can see from this Havenly review, I was SO happy with my Havenly service and loved the end result.

Your final product will reflect the furniture styles you loved and requested. For e.g. I wanted a new media console, coffee table, couch, rug, candles, accessories and shoe bench. Again, this stage doesn’t take much work or a long time frame as your designer will be quick to include your feedback and update the images quickly.

I loved the Havenly platform and seeing the products easily before each stage. For example, my designer picked out a few media consoles so I could choose from a few. The custom floor plan really allowed my living room to come to life in my mind. I never needed any help from Havenly customer service as my service was so smooth and satisfactory. There is a customer service team that will help you out should you run into any issues or have any questions. Your Havenly designer is always available for questions too.

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Havenly Reviews - Havenly Before and After pictures

I have included a few Havenly before and after pictures below of just half of the room as the room is not 100% ready yet. I am waiting to update my couch. I will add more updated pictures when I buy my couch. You can shop a lot of stores directly on Havenly after you have completed your design process. I bought the media console and coffee table directly from my plan as I loved them. I will go back and order a new couch and cushions soon also.



Havenly often do sales on furniture and share sales for furniture stores such as wayfair, crate and barrel, west elm, the home depot. The Havenly platform has a blog also which you can use to get inspo. There are so many furniture styles for all budgets and rooms to choose from.

How much does Havenly cost?

For the most up to date pricing, it is best to check out the pricing page on the Havenly website. Don’t forget to use my link and Havenly promo code below to save.

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How to easily elevate your home design

As you can see from my blog, I love to elevate spaces at home. With my Havenly design, I was able to incorporate cozy touches such as bamboo throws, bamboo sheets, cloud like comforters and luxury plush towels. These products are the perfect (& easy way) to elevate your home. You can read about the bedding here and some of my favorite products.

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My Overall Review of Havenly

This Havenly Review is a very positive Havenly review. The Havenly online design service is so worth it. The designers are professional and will have your room looking beautiful at the end of the process. I am definitely going to use the Havenly service for one other room after I finish furnishing my living room completely.

To finish off my Havenly reviews, I am going to answer some frequently asked questions.

Havenly Review - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Havenly worth it?

I covered this in detail above but in short, Havenly is definitely worth it. Especially using my Havenly discount code LORNA which knocks 25% off.

Is Havenly a legit site?

Yes, Havenly is a legit site. I used it to design my living room and had an amazing experience. I also used Havenly to buy my media console and coffee table and had the products delivered in less than a week. The products were perfect and as described.

Is Havenly affordable?

Havenly becomes even more affordable when you use my Havenly promo code. The furniture on Havenly ranges from very affordable to very expensive. You can tell your designer your overall budget, what pieces you want to buy and he/she will pick furniture for you based on this.

If a piece your designer picks is too expensive, then you can tell them to find a cheaper alternative. There are great search functions on the Havenly site too, which allow you to filter furniture by price. I left the furniture hunting to my designer and she did an amazing job at really stuck to my budget.

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Can you return items when ordered through Havenly?

The return policy for each item on Havenly will be stated beside the product as they all come from multiple retailers. There was one item I ordered which was non returnable as it was on clearance. The rest were returnable. If you have any questions on returning items ordered through Havenly, I would check each product and call customer service or ask your designer if you are unsure.

How do I choose a Havenly designer?

Picking your Havenly designer is easy! The Havenly platform is really clever and will select the designer that is most suitable for you based on your style, budget and room you are designing. They also give a few more options. You can easily look through other designers' portfolios to see if you prefer a different designer. I used the designer that was suggested for me as she had designed rooms that I loved.

You can also see when the designer is available. Some are available sooner than others so if you are in a hurry, you can also factor that in. There are so many designers to choose from with a lot of experience.

What does Havenly Mini include?

The Havenly mini includes everything that the Havenly full package includes except a 3D rendering of the room and a custom floor plan. I included pictures above that will show you the exact images that you will get if you choose the Havenly full package or the Havenly mini package. I used the Havenly full package and loved it.

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Is the Havenly app free?

Yes, the Havenly app is free and really cool to download. You can see all your furniture pieces on there, look up your designs, buy furniture and more.

Hope you learnt lots about the Havenly design process from my Havenly review. If you have any questions or want more detail, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer!

Thank you to Havenly for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own. Throughout my blog, I use affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of my links or discount codes, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog.

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