16 Cozy Earth Pajama Dupes (40% Cozy Earth Discount Code included just in case!)

Looking for a Cozy Earth pajama dupe? I’ve rounded up some Cozy Earth dupes and also included a 40% off Cozy Earth discount code (LORNA40) in case you want to change your mind!

I love Cozy Earth. I have so many of their products including a few pairs of the Cozy Earth bamboo pajamas. I understand Cozy Earth is definitely on the more expensive side. My Cozy Earth discount code (LORNA40) for 40% off definitely helps to bring down the cost significantly.

When I first started using Cozy Earth in 2020, I thought the products were expensive. Now that I have had my Cozy Earth pajamas for well over 2 years, I can see that Cozy Earth pajamas are worth it. I have used my Cozy Earth pajamas a lot and they are still in great condition. They are still my favorite pjs that I reach for again and again on cold or warm nights.

There are definitely Cozy Earth pajama dupes which look similar to Cozy Earth but the quality and softness will be different. In this blog post, I’ll share some detail on why I love Cozy Earth pajamas. I’ll also show you 16 Cozy Earth pajamas dupes if you decide that you still want a Cozy Earth dupe despite 40% off with my Cozy Earth promo code LORNA40.

Cozy Earth pajamas are the softest pajamas that I have ever worn. I have even gone so far as washing them one morning and putting them back on, fresh out of the dryer that night. I have about 10 other pairs of pajamas, but Cozy Earth Pajamas are this good! The bamboo fabric is extra soft material and is the perfect breathable fabric.

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I have two pairs of Cozy Earth pajamas; one in white and one in black. I really love my Cozy Earth Pajama sets and highly recommend these luxurious pajamas. These are definitely some of the best pajamas that I have ever worn.

What I love about Cozy Earth pajamas (which beat any Cozy Earth dupe)

One of my favorite things about Cozy Earth Pajamas is that they are so soft. Cozy Earth Pajamas are made from stretch-knit viscose from bamboo-based fabric. This means that they are loose fitting and work with all body shapes (no uncomfortable clinging).

Cozy Earth pajamas are comfy and are stylish. They have the cutest trim detail with pockets. There are many reviews that rate Cozy Earth pajamas as the most comfortable pajamas in the world.

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One of the amazing things about Cozy Earth Pajamas is that they have enhanced breathability and temperature regulation so you are never too warm or too cold. Cozy Earth pajamas and luxury bedding are perfect for hot sleepers or if you suffer from hot flashes. No more night sweats with these cooling pajamas.

On the first wear, you will notice a difference! Having the right sleepwear makes such a difference. The bamboo feels cooling on your skin and it helps regulate the body temperature. A cozy Earth dupe is not going to give you the same level of quality as Cozy Earth pajamas. They may look similar but the quality will be different.

Cozy Earth has high-quality clothing that can be worn in warmer weather or cooler weather, due to the moisture wicking and organic bamboo used during the manufacturing process.

Cozy Earth Pajamas are available in 5 different colors - gray, ivory, black, navy or blush! As I mentioned above, I have Cozy Earth pajamas in both ivory and black and I love them both.

Cozy Earth pjs are made from 95% Premium Viscose from Bamboo and 5% spandex. This is what makes Cozy Earth the best cooling pajamas. There are no harmful chemicals or harsh chemicals used in making Cozy Earth pjs.

Oprah’s Favorite Pajamas

Oprah has voted Cozy Earth pajamas her favorite pajamas and bedding for many years! When I heard this, I was intrigued. Oprah always recommends amazing products. Her recommendation with these bamboo pajamas was on point! Both Oprah and I recommend these amazing bamboo pajamas. I follow Oprah’s favorite things and when I saw these soft bamboo pajamas on the list, I had to try them out!

Cozy Earth pajamas and clothing are simply the softest fabric that I have ever worn. I highly recommend treating yourself to Cozy Earth pajamas and Cozy Earth loungewear. I have a full Cozy Earth Loungewear review here which talks about my experience with all Cozy Earth Loungewear.

Cozy Earth is on the expensive side BUT with my Cozy Earth discount code (LORNA40), it becomes a lot more affordable. It’s also important to know that Cozy Earth is ethically sourced, sustainable and made from amazing material.

If you are wondering is Cozy Earth worth it?, you will see throughout all my Cozy Earth reviews that Cozy Earth is worth it in my opinion. I have tried a lot of Cozy Earth loungewear and Cozy Earth bedding, and they have all been worth it. I think Cozy Earth pajamas are worth the splurge if you use my Cozy Earth discount code (LORNA40)

Cozy Earth Pajama Dupes

If you are still wanting to shop for a Cozy Earth pajamas dupe instead of the Cozy Earth pajamas, then you will find some great Cozy Earth dupes below from various retailers.

There are some Cozy Earth dupes below that look very like the Cozy Earth pajamas and some that look different. I have also included some long sleeved Cozy Earth dupes and some short sleeved Cozy Earth dupes. There are also lots of colors to choose from.

Happy shopping for your Cozy Earth dupes:

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