Cozy Earth Joggers Reviews (40% off Cozy Earth discount code included)

If you are looking for Cozy Earth Joggers Reviews or the best bamboo joggers, then you have come to the right place! In this blog post, you will find my honest Cozy Earth jogger reviews including the Cozy Earth Bamboo joggers, the Cozy Earth Modal joggers and the Cozy Earth Ribbed Knit joggers. So many Cozy Earth jogger materials to choose from!

Most importantly, you will find my Cozy Earth discount code or my Cozy Earth coupon (LORNA40) that will get you a whopping 40% discount on anything on the Cozy Earth website. When I got a Cozy Earth discount code, I was so excited as it allows you to experience such luxurious joggers at a big discount!

My Cozy Earth joggers reviews

Cozy Earth joggers come in styles for both men and women and are incredibly popular!

To get straight to the point, I love my Cozy Earth joggers so this is a glowing Cozy Earth joggers review. I never thought I’d feel so strongly about a pair of joggers or a brand but here we are 🙂 It’s not just me: Oprah added Cozy Earth joggers to her coveted list in 2020 so they are a crowd pleaser.

I have been wearing my Cozy Earth joggers since 2020 and have kept building my joggers bundle as Cozy Earth came out with more colors and more fabrics over the last few years. I have loved everything I have ever used from Cozy Earth and it is a terrific brand for a little luxurious splurge. I also have matching Cozy Earth sweaters to match my Cozy Earth joggers. Life is better in Cozy Earth jogger sets!

Cozy Earth joggers last, which is more than I can say for some of my initial loungewear purchases that I made in March 2020. My joggers from other, cheaper brands have long been discarded as the fabric pilled and looked worn pretty fast. Cozy Earth has been different. I have all of the joggers (even since 2020) and they are still in perfect condition despite me reaching for them on many cozy days throughout the years.

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Cozy Earth jogger fabrics

Perfect for lounging at home or outside

One of my favorite Cozy Earth products

There are 3 different Cozy Earth jogger fabrics to choose from. The Cozy Earth bamboo jogger, (which is the original fabric), Cozy Earth Rib Knit jogger and Cozy Earth Modern Modal jogger. I have all three fabrics and love them all.

In terms of warmest fabric, the bamboo fabric is the warmest and thickest. The Rib knit jogger is the most textured Cozy Earth jogger and the Modern Modal jogger is the lightest material, in my opinion. The three Cozy Earth jogger materials are incredibly soft and worth it!

The Cozy Earth Modern Modal fabric came out very recently. It is very light and breathable. If it is your first Cozy Earth jogger set, I would recommend starting out with the original Cozy Earth bamboo set and then adding more to your collection as you go.

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Some of my favorite things about Cozy Earth joggers

As with all my Cozy Earth reviews, I want to touch on the softness of Cozy Earth joggers! Cozy Earth joggers are the softest joggers that I own. I’m hoping at some point they bring out yoga pants as that would be very exciting! Cozy Earth know how to do softness, comfort and fit so well.

The fit of Cozy Earth joggers are flattering and fit very well. They are not too tight and not too loose. The Cozy Earth Jogger has the benefit of enhanced breathability, making sure you are neither too hot or too cold. I love wearing my Cozy Earth loungewear traveling as they are so comfortable and I am never too hot or too cold.

Cozy Earth clothing feels like you are wearing comfy pajamas while being fashionable at the same time. They are perfect for lounging at home, traveling, or nipping out for some errands. You can wear the Cozy Earth loungewear inside and outside your home. I’ve worn mine to the grocery store, walks and also on my bike. So comfortable!

If you have read some of my other dress reviews or clothing reviews, you will know I love pockets! The Cozy Earth Joggers have pockets so are the best joggers in my opinion!

I bought lots of loungewear over the last 3 years as I was spending lots of time at home. Cozy Earth Loungewear is the most luxurious and comfy that I have worn.

The Cozy Earth joggers are all-season joggers due to the temperature regulation benefit of Cozy Earth Loungewear. This adds so much value as you can wear them year round.

As I mentioned above, you can use my Cozy Earth discount code LORNA40 or Cozy Earth coupon code to get 40% off anything on the Cozy Earth website, including both the Cozy Earth Joggers and matching Cozy Earth Sweater.

Cozy Earth joggers size chart and Cozy Earth sizing

For Cozy Earth clothing sizing, I find the sizing to be true to size. I am a small in the Cozy Earth clothing and pajamas, which is my regular size. Cozy Earth sizing is average and true to size. The great thing about all Cozy Earth clothing is that it is not clingy and uncomfortable.

Is Cozy Earth worth it?

Yes, Cozy Earth is worth it!

Cozy Earth clothing is simply the softest fabric that I have ever worn. I highly recommend treating yourself to Cozy Earth joggers and Cozy Earth loungewear. Cozy Earth is on the expensive side BUT with my Cozy Earth discount code (LORNA40), it becomes a lot more affordable. It’s also important to know that Cozy Earth is ethically sourced, sustainable and made from amazing material.

My mindset has shifted about buying more luxurious, expensive things that last (like Cozy Earth jogger sets). I prefer this to cheaper, fast fashion that will look and feel worn in no time. I have been wearing my Cozy Earth joggers, Cozy Earth pajamas and Cozy Earth sweaters non stop and they are still in perfect condition.

Other Cozy Earth clothing reviews

As I mentioned, I have been wearing Cozy Earth clothing since 2020 and I love them so much! I am wearing some Cozy Earth loungewear as I write this blog post on a cozy evening in.

If you want to read more about Cozy Earth clothing, you can read my Cozy Earth clothing reviews here.

Cozy Earth dupes

A few people have asked me about a Cozy Earth joggers dupe. If you are looking for a Cozy Earth dupe, then you will have a hard time trying to find the softness and quality of Cozy Earth joggers.

The quality is what makes these joggers hard to beat with a Cozy Earth clothing dupe. My 40% Cozy Earth discount code knocks 40% off the full price so you are getting lots of $ off. Instead of going with a cheaper and poorer quality Cozy Earth dupe, I recommend that you treat yourself to a Cozy Earth jogger set considering you can get 40% off with my Cozy Earth discount code.

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My Overall Cozy Earth Joggers Reviews

Overall, you can see that my Cozy Earth joggers reviews are nothing but positive. I have been using my Cozy Earth joggers for over 2 years and I highly recommend these luxurious joggers. Hope you enjoyed this Cozy Earth review. I loved writing it (while in my Cozy Earth Joggers!)

FAQ on Cozy Earth

Do you have a Cozy Earth discount code?

Yes, as you can see throughout this blog post, I luckily have a Cozy Earth discount code for you! My Cozy Earth discount code gets you 40% off on Cozy Earth.

Happy shopping!

Is Cozy Earth legit?

Yes, Cozy Earth is legit and is a very reputable company. The quality of Cozy Earth is amazing and I have had only good experiences with the brand.

Where to buy Cozy Earth?

If you are looking for where to buy Cozy Earth joggers, then you can go straight to the Cozy Earth website through the link below to get 40% off your Cozy Earth products! Don’t pay full-price anywhere else!

You can use my Cozy Earth discount code LORNA40 or Cozy Earth coupon to get 40% off anything on the Cozy Earth website, including these very comfy Cozy Earth joggers.

Why is Cozy Earth so expensive?

Cozy Earth is a little on the expensive side. Cozy Earth is worth it however. Cozy Earth is ethically manufactured and top quality which adds to the price. Luckily my Cozy Earth promo code (LORNA40) knocks 40% off your Cozy Earth products.

What are your favorite Cozy Earth products?

As you can see above, I LOVE Cozy Earth products! My house is filled with everything from Cozy Earth pajamas to Cozy Earth sheets to Cozy Earth towels. I have linked some of my popular Cozy Earth reviews below so you can read all about my favorites.

Cozy Earth sheets review

Cozy Earth pajamas review

Cozy Earth towels review

I highly recommend Cozy Earth as their products last and are top quality.

Thank you to Cozy Earth for providing the products complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own. If you use my Cozy Earth discount code, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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