Club Feast Review (Club Feast Discount Code included!)

I have partnered with Club Feast to tell you all about their new and innovative meal delivery service that offers lunch and dinner from local restaurants. I also have a Club Feast discount code for you (CODE: LORNA) so you can get $20 off your first three meals (no strings attached!). 


Club Feast is a new restaurant delivery service based in San Francisco. Club Feast has recently expanded to the East Bay and New York. Each meal on Club Feast is priced at $6.99, regardless of whether you order lunch or dinner. 

Club Feast founders saw the need for cheaper meal delivery options for customers and a need for restaurants to be able to plan for orders more effectively. 

Club Feast is a pre-order meal delivery service. Lunch orders must be in by 6pm the evening before (you can order up to a week in advance) and dinner orders must be made by 2.30pm the same day. Club Feast place batch orders so the restaurant can prepare for orders in time. Drivers can also be assigned using Club Feast advanced algorithm technology. This results in efficient routes so drivers have to travel the least amount of time, while covering multiple orders. 

I generally know if I’ll be ordering lunch the night before or dinner by 2.30pm, so the Club Feast app is quick and easy to use. It’s also refreshing to have lunch and/or dinner planned in advanced so there is no hungry decision making at meal time.

As I mentioned above, you can use my Club Feast discount code to try out Club Feast to get $20 off your first order, enter LORNA at checkout. You can pick out three meals with this $20!

How much do meals on CLUB FEAST cost?

Each meal, whether for lunch or dinner, costs $6.99 on Club Feast. With Club Feast’s order-in-advance technology, you'll save 40% on restaurant delivery compared to other on-demand platforms.

How can CLUB FEAST offer such low cost meals?

Club Feast work with the local restaurants to feature meals on their regular menus that can be prepared at the low price of $6.99. Club Feast doesn’t charge the restaurant any fees which helps the restaurant out. The restaurant can prepare for orders in advance due to the pre-order nature of Club Feast.

Club Feast support local eateries through expanding their customer base and bringing in higher profit margins compared to other food delivery services. Club Feast’s mission is to make restaurant delivery accessible for all. Did you ever go to order your $13 meal on a meal delivery app and suddenly the cost is $25 with all the add on fees?!

Where is CLUB FEAST available?

Club Feast is available in San Francisco, East Bay, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Club Feast is bound to expand to more areas in the future and I will keep this blog post updated as more cities are added. 

What restaurants are on CLUB FEAST?

The restaurants on Club Feast vary greatly. I live in East Bay, just outside San Francisco, and can choose from over 100 restaurants including Indian, Thai, local cafe’s, sushi, pizza, smoothies and juices. There are also great filters on the app that help you choose lunch or dinner. 

How is CLUB FEAST different to other meal delivery services?

Club Feast is a pre order meal delivery service rather than on demand (e.g. you order dinner by 2.30pm instead of when you want it at 6.30pm. This allows restaurants to plan and drivers to be allocated to quicker routes so you get cheaper prices (saving 40% on competitor meal delivery services). Club Feast is also more sustainable due to the planned routes that drivers take - less fuel and carbon footprint. 

How does the CLUB FEAST discount code work?

You can enter my Club Feast coupon code LORNA when you get to the checkout page. Hit apply, and $20 will come off your total bill. You can use it once only.

Are the CLUB FEAST restaurants good?

I have found really good restaurants on Club Feast that I have been to already. I have tried sushi, poke bowls, paninis and salads from different restaurants and have been really happy with all deliveries from Club Feast. There are ratings on Club Feast that help you pick. The ratings also help Club Feast determine the restaurants that make customers happy. The Club Feast app has allowed me to find new restaurants in the area which is always a plus!

How much is the delivery fee on CLUB FEAST?

The delivery fee on Club Feast varies depending on the delivery time that you select. Some delivery times cost more than others, depending on demand. The delivery fees range from $0.49 to $2.50. I choose a 90 minute delivery window for lunch and it was free. 

Overall, my Club Feast experience has been very positive! I am looking forward to trying out lots more Club Feast restaurants and dishes soon.

Hope you enjoy your Club Feast meals. Don’t forget to use my Club Feast coupon code LORNA for $20 off your first order. 

Use Club Feast discount CODE LORNA to get $20 off!

Thank you to Club Feast for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are honest and my own as always. 

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